Want to become a partner?

The market is a big place. There are literally hundreds of thousands potential clients and we couldn’t possibly get to all of them by ourselves. For this reason, partners are a critical part of our business and we welcome them to share in our success in the POS industry.

The concept is simple. Sell our software and collect residual income for the sale. The client will receive all the great service and benefits ScanQ is known for. We will handle the installation and support of the software; we just need your help making the sale. ScanQ never competes with its partners for business.

So who makes a great partner? We have a variety of partners that use our software as a complement to their own services. For example, hardware providers, selling computers, laundry machines, ovens, etc. IT field service companies deploying networks or troubleshooting services. Consultants advising clients in the industries our products serve.

We are committed to supporting our partners to aid in their success:

  • Assistance on complex sales and solutions
  • Training and updates on new features and capabilities
  • Training on all the ScanQ products they are interested in selling
  • Demo versions of the software to become familiar with the system and distribute to assist in sales

Contact us today for more information on the program.

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